Why Solar?

Besides saving you money,
here are some other benefits to going solar:

Installed Anywhere

Even in the harshest of climates

Clean Energy

According to Water Use it Wisely,
water heating
accounts for 17 percent of a
typical home’s energy use

30% Tax Credit

Other incentives and rebates may
also be available in your area.
Visit www.dsireusa.org for more information

It’s Powerful

Even on cloudy days, there is still enough
insolation available for solar panels

Why Solene?

The convenience of traditional water heaters without the traditional costs.

Made in the USA

Assembled in Florida from Domestic and Foreign Materials

Most Efficient

Compare Btu ratings to others as published by the
industry’s certification specialists

Best Warranty

Only Solene offers an additional limited lifetime warranty.
No other manufacturer offers a
bonus warranty for a lifetime

Quality Design

Solene collectors are sleek, attractive, and work
on any type of roofing material


The SRCC currently operates two major solar programs: collector certification (OG-100), and heating system certification (OG-300). The OG-100 collector certification program applies to that part of a solar energy system that is exposed to the sun and collects the sun’s heat. The collectors can be used to heat water, air or other heat transfer media. The OG-300 rating and certification program for solar hot water systems integrates results of collector tests with a performance model for the entire systems and determines whether systems meet minimum standards for system durability, reliability, safety and operation. Factors affecting total system design, installation, maintenance and service are also evaluated.

Certifications are important if you are considering purchasing a solar collector. Certifications provide product credibility and a seal of assurance, comparison data, product performance data, and minimum design standards that must be met. Below are the certifications that Solene has earned.